Request Pricing on Industrial Wood Finishes for Each Project Need

Request Pricing on Industrial Wood Finishes for Each Project Need

Ensure you have the right amount of wood finishes to execute each job. Find out why you should work with Finishers Depot to take care of industrial wood finishes for every job.

Professional wood finishers know they can work with Finishers Depot to satisfy their wood finishing needs. We offer a great selection of industrial wood finishing products in a variety of sheens and colors all customized to your needs.

By working with our team, you can maximize the profitability of your business and reduce the time waiting for custom finishing products. Our wood coatings and other products are in stock and ready to ship to you!

Find out why you should contact our team to take advantage of our competitive pricing on high-quality industrial wood finishes and related finishing products.

We’re Specialists in Industrial Wood Finishes

There are plenty of situations where buying high volumes of industrial wood finishes can help save professional wood finishers on costs. Take a look at these larger projects we can support.

1. Kitchen Cabinets

One of the most popular reasons to purchase a large supply of wood coatings is for kitchen projects. For example, when your customer places a large order for custom cabinets, it’s usually to support the needs of these types of end-user projects:

  • Kitchen remodels
  • Cabinet reinstallations
  • Custom cabinet installations

If you’re in the business of fulfilling large cabinet orders, it’s essential that you have the industrial wood finishes you need to make each cabinet look uniform. Buying a large volume of consistent wood finishes is the ideal method to ensure your factory re-produces the same finish every time.

2. Furniture

Many businesses are looking to incorporate farmhouse design elements into their office furniture or other corporate spaces.

This is a popular trend because wood furniture evokes a productive feeling compared to other traditional materials in business settings. Now, there is more demand for an aesthetically-pleasing farmhouse look and feel for specific pieces of furniture.

Producing large quantities of wooden furniture is an excellent option for wood finishers who receive a corporate order for farmhouse-style designs. You’ll want to be able to re-create a rustic feel provided by natural wood grains and colors during each job.

Because the furniture finishes need to be uniform, purchasing a high volume of finishes from us is a good idea to ensure you have a sufficient amount of the same wood finishes on hand.

Professionals can take advantage of our depth of knowledge and competitive pricing to place the exact order that will satisfy the requirements of each job.

3. Millwork & Fixtures

We often work with larger shops that receive orders for millwork and fixture projects. For example, your company may win a contract with a retail store to build out fixtures for multiple store locations. Your team will need to quickly spring into action building out dozens of department store fixtures on a daily basis.

You need to ensure that each fixture retains a uniform look to ensure a consistent look and feel at each department store across the country. Working with our knowledgeable staff, you’ll be able to order the appropriate wood finishing products. We offer custom solutions for each job order to ensure that you satisfy the customer’s request.

Ask Us About Contract Pricing on Industrial Wood Finishes

Finishers Depot has the wood finishes you need to produce a high-quality product for your customers. We also offer special pricing options designed to help your business thrive.

Contact Finishers Depot today to find out more about our finishing products, and be sure to request special pricing on high volume orders. Our team of dedicated customer service representatives can help you get the right price on industrial wood finishes for each project need.