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Yes. We make deliveries to numerous locations in Texas. To receive delivery service you must be in a scheduled delivery zone and meet the minimum delivery order.

In the Greater Houston area, we deliver to qualified businesses each business day. Minimum order and delivery charges apply to all deliveries. Please contact our sales office at 281-421-0765 for additional information.

We also ship orders by UPS, USPS, and truck lines on a daily basis. We are currently unable to process shipments outside of the United States.

Are You Outside the 48 Contiguous United States? Don't worry, we've got you covered! If you're located outside of our standard service area, simply reach out to us at sales@wfdepot.com and we'll provide you with a customized quote to meet your needs."

Returning an item to Finishers Depot is easy. Simply contact our Customer Service Department by e-mail, fax, or phone and we’ll be happy to assist you with returns or any questions you may have.

E-mail: orders@wfdepot.com
Phone: 281-421-0765
Fax: 281-421-2179

UPS Call Tag Service provides pickup and prompt return of a package previously delivered by UPS within the 48 contiguous states. When a business is issued a Call Tag, UPS picks up the return package at the customer’s location and returns it via UPS Ground.


The current hazmat charges on UPS and FedEx Ground shipments are $48 per box. Air shipments are very limited for hazardous materials so we cannot provide “Next Day Air” shipping on these products (NOTE: Next Day Air is available on non-hazmat products.) Hazmat charges are normally updated in February of each year. Finishers Depot will charge the current surcharge at the time of your shipment.

Hazardous Materials are items that have been deemed hazardous in shipping situations. These materials are classified according to the CFR 49 statutes published by the Department of Transportation in Washington D.C. For more information please visit the DOT website at Transportation.gov.

If you order an item that is classified as hazardous material you may receive an assessorial charge from the company handling the freight or packages.

Our printed catalog shows a hazardous material symbol by any item considered hazardous. Our website also shows the same information with links to this page.

The shipping company that imposes the charge receives the money. Finishers Depot acts as the shipper and does not receive any of this charge.

Finishers Depot does incur significant charges to remain eligible to handle and ship your hazardous materials. Our annual expenses include:

  • Annual subscription to Chemtrec, a 24-hour hotline.
  • Annual contract with UPS to remain in compliance with their regulations.
  • Annual subscription to Federal database showing proper shipping name information.
  • Special boxes, labels and other packaging materials to meet CFR 49 and UPS guidelines.
  • Annual training to ensure all employees are certified to handle and ship hazmat materials.

Finishers Depot considers these expenses to be part of doing business and does not add any of these costs to your hazmat charge; the hazmat charge surcharge you pay is exclusively paid to the company handling your freight!

In certain situations, we can combine products. We are limited to 4 gallon cans per box or a single 5 gallon pail and they must all have the same Proper Shipping Name according to CFR 49 regulations. Finishers Depot always consolidates products and does everything possible to limit the costs of shipping hazardous materials.

Making larger orders that can be shipped by truck line will help reduce costs. Finishers Depot has negotiated hazardous material exemptions from all freight lines. You can also order multiples when shipping via UPS. Remember that the hazmat charge is per box, not per item. If you order 1 gallon of a hazmat material you will pay the full charge. If you order up to 4 gallons, or a 5 gallon pail of the material you will still only pay the single box charge.

Please remember that all material must be of the same classification. Please contact us if you have questions regarding specific classifications. Also many items are exempt from a hazmat charge if they are packaged in quarts or smaller packages. Even though you may pay more for 4 quarts of material, the delivered cost to you including freight, may be less because of the hazmat charge.