We Have the Wood Stain Spray Gun You Need

We Have the Wood Stain Spray Gun You Need

Shopping for the best wood stain spray gun to get the job done? Learn why wood finishing professionals turn to this spray gun for their jobs.

As a professional wood finisher, you know that the materials you put onto a piece of wood can be the difference between a quality piece and something that needs to be redone.

While choosing the best wood stain is an integral part of the equation, it’s equally important to apply that stain with the right tool. For instance, if you choose a low-end spray gun, you will see streaks and uneven patches.

That’s why it’s important to choose a quality wood stain spray gun. Getting a consistent spray pattern is one of the most important aspects of being a professional finisher. Fortunately, we offer some of the best equipment in the industry.

Deciding on a Wood Stain Spray Gun

Professional wood finishers understand the importance of making the most out of every dollar that they have. That’s why cutting down on waste is a crucial part of the decision-making process when shopping for spray guns.

When selecting spray guns, an important element to keep in mind is “transfer efficiency.” This term refers to how much of the stain in the gun covers the area that the stain is being applied to compared to how much stain blows past the item and is wasted.

There are plenty of high-efficiency spray guns available on the market. We highly recommend the Kremlin SFlow Gun, which boasts a transfer efficiency rating of 81%, making it one of the leaders in the industry.

Why the Kremlin SFlow Gun?

Kremlin produces two different bar settings for their SFlow gun. Each setting is designed to give you more control over the low-pressure gun used to apply stain or another finish.

Kremlin SFlow spray guns have a trigger setting that allows you to use two fingers. The customization options for the Kremlin SFlow ensure that you’re in complete control of what your products look like when they’re finished.

Additionally, Kremlin knows you don’t want to waste time and money replacing parts on your spray guns. That is why sustainability is such an essential part of their manufacturing process.

The hand filter area on the Kremlin SFlow is spacious and available in PA or stainless steel. The settings ensure you don’t have to deal with the tip plugging while applying your finish. Even a tiny plug in the tip of a spray gun can lead to an uneven finish and other issues that will alter the look of your product.

Built for Smooth, Consistent Use

As with all spray guns, the filter is one of the most critical parts of the tool. Kremlin has taken steps to adjust how materials flow through the spray gun to minimize the time required to maintain your equipment.

When using the Kremlin SFlow, the material flows from the inside of the filter to the outside. This feature cuts down on the amount of work required to maintain the filters while reducing the need for replacement filters.

Everything that has gone into the SFlow spray gun has been for professional wood finishers like you. While there are plenty of quality options on the market, few are more dependable than the Kremlin SFlow.

Choosing the Right Tip

A critical aspect of using the Kremlin SFlow spray gun effectively is selecting the right tip size that fits your project needs.  Fortunately, in addition to offering these world-class spray guns, Finishers Depot stocks a variety of quality tips for the SFlow gun. 

Specifically, we offer Kremlin SKILL™ Airless Tips that allow you to choose between narrow and wide sprays. They also allow you to spray a heavier level of coating onto a surface if required.

Ready to Purchase a Wood Stain Spray Gun?

In 1924, Kremlin launched the first air spray device in Europe. For nearly 100 years, they have put some of the most trusted devices in the hands of professional wood finishers. It’s also why we’re happy to offer Kremlin SFlow spray guns and accessories at Finishers Depot.

Whether you need one Kremlin SFlow wood stain spray gun or a large order for your company, we have the products you need in stock. Contact our expert team to inquire about special pricing on this gun and bulk pricing offers for large orders.

Let us help you take your business to the next level. Purchase quality equipment and materials from Finishers Depot at a price that maximizes your profitability.