The Best High Gloss Wood Finish for Each Trend

The Best High Gloss Wood Finish for Each Trend

High gloss wood finishes can be trendy in a variety of industrial settings. Learn how to select the best high gloss wood finish for each trend your customer is seeking.

A high-quality wood finish has the power to elevate the look of a finished product and protect surfaces from damage caused by wear and tear. Identifying the best high gloss wood finish can help you take the next step of aligning with the latest trends for your customers.

Learn more about the latest trends to be aware of and how Finishers Depot can provide you with outstanding wood finish solutions that fit your project goals. Our team can help you select the ideal finish for each customer’s order – no matter the size.

Current Trends in Wood Finishing That Require High-Gloss Finish

As is the case with any type of design, wood finishing goes through trends that create the need for specialized materials. High gloss products create a less refractional or more fulfilled look that is currently popular with customers across a wide variety of industries.

If you’re working on any of the following types of projects, it’s important that you know more about the latest finish trends and where to get the materials you need to satisfy your customer’s request.


When wood finishers approached contemporary design elements in the past, they typically painted every flat surface on a piece, either white or black.

Today, wood finishing professionals have started using the final coat to accentuate the natural woodgrains on the piece they’re working on. You can trace this trend to a surge in farmhouse or rustic design elements that are now popular with businesses to accentuate corporate spaces.

Contemporary no longer means black or white. Instead, many professionals are using wood grains to create contemporary, modern design pieces.


Another current design trend involves the presence of wood grains in luxury settings. For instance, many luxury kitchens now include the presence of natural wood grains in cabinetry, accessories, and even some countertops.

A glossy finish helps highlight the natural beauty of wood and protects the wood from water, food debris, and other potential hazards found in a kitchen.

Choosing the right semi-gloss finish to satisfy your customer’s request can create a moisture barrier between the piece you’re creating while making sure that everything looks high-end.

Travel Applications

There is high demand for quality wood finishes in the world of private travel. Airplane cabins and luxury yachts typically include wood paneling, controls, steering wheels, and other wood elements.

The use of polyester finishes such as ICA is incredibly popular in this field. Applying glossy finishes like those created by ICA is a complicated, multi-step process, but the results are incredible.

We’re proud to offer these types of finishes that allow you to create beautiful luxury options for yachts, airplanes, and more.

High-End Fixtures

Finally, there is a huge demand for high-end fixtures in retail spaces, department stores, and grocery stores. Additionally, hotels, restaurants, and other commercial space owners are looking for wood finishers to design and create luxurious wood fixtures for their spaces.

The goal for businesses is to create exciting spaces that attract new customers, engage existing customers, and feel modern to satisfy their clientele.

In addition to needing finishes that can withstand moisture, your customers are looking for durable fixtures that can endure wear and tear. These fixtures need to withstand the test of time from coming in contact with inventory and being moved around in stores. A high gloss wood finish provides durability and a preferred look to help satisfy key objectives.

What Finish Should I Use for a High Gloss Wood Finish?

While there are plenty of options out there, we understand that you’re looking for the best high gloss wood finish for your projects. That’s why we highly recommend ICA wood finishing products.

ICA, an Italian manufacturer of wood finishing products, uses a special formula for their products. We can then accentuate your use of their products with support from our team of certified experts.

The process of applying their products is an extensive, multi-step process that requires the utmost care. The team at Finishers Depot will help you choose the best product for your project and answer questions about how to get the most out of the selected product.

ICA doesn’t allow just anyone to sell their products. They only entrust their world-class wood finishing products to companies that go through a rigorous ICA certification process. Finishers Depot completed the process, and we are the only licensed ICA dealer in the state of Texas.

Our commitment to excellence means that we’re willing to go through the process set forth by ICA so we can offer you the best solutions for your job.

Choose Finishers Depot for the Best High Gloss Wood Finish

When you work with Finishers Depot, you get more than buckets of finishes. You get access to wood finishing experts ready to come alongside you to support the needs of each job.

Contact Finishers Depot today to discuss a trendy customer request. We’ll help you identify the best high gloss wood finish that fits the specific request.