Wood cabinet finishes being matched with a color expert.

Easily Match Wood Cabinet Finishes with Our Color Experts

Cabinets are one of the most popular items that customers order from professional wood finishers. However, the construction of the cabinet is only part of the equation.

Homeowners, businesses, and other clients can be particular about the finish on their cabinets, which means you must know how to choose the right type of wood cabinet finishes.

Fortunately, Finishers Depot offers a variety of wood finishes for cabinets, each of which is designed to help you produce the quality products your clients expect from you. We also provide expert custom color matching to ensure you receive the exact finish you need.

How to Select the Ideal Wood Cabinet Finishes

Different types of cabinets require different wood finishes, especially kitchen cabinets that will be placed inside a home or a place of business. Learn more about kitchen cabinet finishes and how we can help you make your finished product stand out from the crowd.

Glaze Finish

One of the most appealing aspects of a glaze finish is the dimension that it creates on any wood finish. The process of glazing a kitchen cabinet involves adding a semi-transparent top coat over a cabinet that has already been stained or painted.

After the glaze has been applied, the finishing process really begins. As the finisher, you then take a staining cloth to wipe the glaze from all flat surfaces of the cabinet door. This step creates a darkened highlight along the corners, accentuating the detail you put on the corners of the glazed cabinets.

Painted Cabinets

Applying the paint color a client desires for their kitchen cabinets is one of the oldest methods of producing custom cabinetry. Clients typically choose a base color that compliments other design elements in their kitchens.

For instance, farmhouse designs have become increasingly popular among homeowners. In farmhouse-style kitchens, cabinets are typically painted a bright white. This white cabinetry goes well with the gray and natural tones that are commonly seen in other areas of the room.

The only downside of a paint finish is that it covers up the natural wood grains. However, some homeowners prefer color to wood grains, which makes them choose paint when deciding between paint or stain.

Gloss Finishes

In addition to providing a protective layer to solid wood cabinets, gloss finishes are some of the most popular finish types. Gloss finishes work in direct contrast to matte finishes.

While matte finishes absorb light and flatten it out, the chemical makeup of gloss finishes is more reflective in nature. This process creates a shiny, luxurious look on the finished cabinets.

However, there are times when “less is more,” and that’s certainly true in the world of high-gloss finishes. If a homeowner or business owner has a lot of bright, reflective surfaces in their kitchen, they typically want to avoid gloss finishes.

How We Can Help with Color Matching

At Finishers Depot, we provide more than wood coating finishes. We also help you choose the right colors that your clients need to elevate the look of their kitchen. Our team of color-match experts is well-versed in color trends, so you can trust us to help you choose the best finish.

Our proven process for getting you the paints and stains you’re looking for begins with us listening to you.

We know that your name is on the order and that the clients you’re servicing trust you with their cabinets. Once we’ve listened to your concerns, needs, and wants, our team will determine exactly how to bring your plans to fruition.

Once we’ve assembled a technical team of experts who can assess the challenges and goals of your project, we begin crafting a customized solution specifically for the needs you presented to us.

We understand that there is more than one way to get the job done, so we pursue collaboration to discuss potential solutions with you. At Finishers Depot, we understand that you work for your clients, which is why we work for you.

We believe in making sure that our clients are informed, which is why we begin testing our plans to ensure that they meet your company’s standards. We understand that every cabinetry job is different, so we test our plans to ensure they work for you.

After you’ve chosen the plan that works for you, we will share a price quote. Once you are content with the offer, we will fulfill the order according to your needs.

Get Your Wood Cabinet Finishes from Finishers Depot

We offer a wide variety of wood coatings and finishes, each of which can elevate the look of your cabinetry order. Contact Finishers Depot today if you’re looking for the tools and materials to elevate your product and better satisfy your customers.

Not only can our team of industry experts help you choose the perfect color for your next project, but we also offer a variety of bulk pricing options. We’ll enable you to reduce costs without forfeiting the quality that your clients expect from you.

Get in touch with us to discuss color matching for wood cabinet finishes. Together, we can take your business to the next level.