Maple wood with a clear finish.

Wow Your Customers with a Clear Finish for Maple

Maple is one of the most popular options for woodworkers, largely thanks to its durability and versatility. Along with cherry, walnut, and oak, maple wood is one of the most popular types of wood, especially in the world of furniture making.

In some cases, maple is also a popular choice for cabinetry projects. As with any type of wood, the finish you choose is one of the most critical parts of the equation. 

When you’re completing a maple finish, it’s a good idea to find a clear finish for maple. Clear finishes can help give you the desired finishing result for any project. Let’s take a closer look.

Different Types of Maple Wood

It’s important to note that maple comes in a variety of options. When you go to your local lumber dealer, you may notice that they offer options that include:

  • Curly maple
  • Birds-eye maple
  • Tiger maple
  • Fiddle back maple
  • Soft maple
  • Hard maple
  • Red maple
  • Many other options

The list of maple options can be overwhelming, so it’s worth noting that the term “soft maple” includes red maple, tiger maple, and some other types. Soft maple generally has more natural lines, which is why some species are referred to as tiger maple. The stripes that run through softer maple species are also curlier in nature than some other types of wood grains.

Conversely, harder maples (which can be a misnomer as maple is harder than many other types of hard wood) typically contain small knots that appear in the grain, which can resemble eyes. This feature is why birds-eye maple is one of the most popular types of maple wood.

Why You Should Consider a Clear Finish for Maple

When working with any type of wood, it’s tempting to apply paint to make the wood better fit into the overall design of the space where the wood will be used.

For instance, farmhouse designs, which have become increasingly popular in recent years, often include white furniture that directly contrasts with some darker hues. However, highlighting the natural colors and wood grains of certain types of woods is also a good option, especially when creating furniture, cabinetry, or other pieces for clients looking for something to provide a rustic feel.

While maple is one of the most durable and versatile types of lumber, it is also preferred by many industry professionals because of the beautiful natural lines and knots that can be found within the grain.

With that in mind, choosing a clear industrial finish, such as our ULTRAGUARD Conversion Varnish is an excellent choice for protecting the wood. Making this selection ensures that the finish lasts for long periods of time while also highlighting the natural beauty that maple wood provides.

Choosing the best type of clear finish for a piece of maple not only preserves the natural look of a piece of wood, but it can make the natural lines, knots, and other grain elements more noticeable. Highlighting the natural grains in a piece of wood is a great way to create furniture, cabinets, or other oversized items that are sure to please clients.

Choose Quality Clear Finishes for Maple

When you choose a quality type of lumber like maple, it’s crucial that you only use quality finishing materials to perform the job in front of you. There is no faster way to cheapen the look of a piece of lumber than to opt for discounted finishing materials that do nothing to improve the look of the lumber.

Fortunately, Finishers Depot only offers quality finish materials to help you achieve your desired finishing results. We provide many types of industrial finishes, each of which is hand-selected to be a part of our product offering.

In addition to preserving the beautiful natural grains that are such a vital part of a piece of maple wood, our collection of industrial finishes also serves as a trustworthy protectant that creates a layer of moisture-resistant protection that ensures that the wood lasts for many years.

Consider ICA European Coatings

We offer a variety of ICA European Coatings, which are some of the most sought-after coatings in the woodworking industry. ICA has long been one of the most trusted names in the world of wood finishing, thanks in large part to the variety of products that they offer.

While ICA doesn’t only offer clear coating materials, some of its most popular items fall under that category. Our ICA 2K urethanes can be purchased in multiple sizes, ranging from 5 liter to 25 liter containers.

We’ve also gone the extra mile to ensure that we have a complete collection of ICA urethanes in stock, including hardeners, undercoaters, sealers, and more, ensuring that you have access to everything you could possibly need.

Place Your Order for Clear Finish Products

Maple is a great option when deciding between different types of wood for each project. Not only is it visually pleasing, but it’s also durable and versatile. However, choosing the right clear finish for maple is just as important.

Contact Finishers Depot today to find out more about our clear coating options. One of our dedicated staff members can help you select the products you need for our job. We can also provide you with information about bulk pricing specials.

By partnering with Finishers Depot, you will be well-positioned to maximize profitability and deliver high-quality finished products to your clients.