Your Search for Wood Finishing Supplies Near Me is Over

Your Search for Wood Finishing Supplies Near Me is Over

Looking for wood finishing supplies near me? See why Finishers Depot is the trusted source of wood finishing supplies for professionals in Texas and throughout the country.

Wood finishing supplies are a critical piece of completing any industrial coating job. Finishing professionals need to find a reliable source of supplies available on their schedule to satisfy project deadlines for each client.

If you are looking for wood finishing supplies near me, see why you can rely on Finishers Depot to provide you with high-quality products according to your schedule.

Types of Wood Finishing Supplies We Offer

We offer two main categories of finishing supplies that satisfy the needs of finishing professionals:

  • Industrial Coatings
  • True Custom Colors

Industrial Coatings

We’ve built our reputation by offering industrial coatings to finishing professionals. You can find a great selection of coatings in these categories:

  • Water Base
  • Solvent Base
  • Conversion Varnish
  • Lacquers
  • Clear Coatings
  • More types of industrial coatings

Do you prefer to work with specific product lines? We have you covered with coatings available from these top brands:


Plus, to learn more about how to use these wood coatings, take a look at our video library of training videos. One of our featured videos showcases how to expertly apply ULTRAGUARD Conversion Varnish to each piece used in your jobs.

True Custom Colors

What sets Finishers Depot apart from other suppliers is our signature custom color matching capabilities. Every job is unique, which is why we ensure that you receive the perfect color to match your customer’s exact specifications.

How do we get it right every time? We utilize state-of-the-art technology to ensure accuracy and consistency. Because of our investment in this technology, we confidently offer an Accurate Color Guarantee to our customers.

We assure you that no one else in our industry is willing to go this far to guarantee a perfect color match for finishing professionals.

More Than Supplies - We Offer Solutions for Your Business

We offer our customers more than wood finishing supplies. We have built a team of professionals who understand the business and can provide turnkey solutions that support your exact needs.

Our representatives will take the time to listen to your challenges, understand how to solve the issues you are trying to overcome, and provide recommendations about the right products and wood finishing materials to utilize for your specific jobs.

We can talk to you one-on-one about what you are seeing and the options you should consider to meet your customer’s request. Because we are experts at industrial finishes and color matching, we can provide clear recommendations for the supplies you need.

Find Wood Finishing Supplies Near Me in Texas

Our finishing shop is based in Texas, allowing us to provide local delivery of finishing supplies to support your project timeline. We have a service center in each of these regions:

  • Houston
  • Austin / San Antonio
  • Dallas

We strategically placed our service centers in each of these main regions of Texas so that we can provide you with fast access to supplies. We can ship overnight in most cases from each of these centers or provide you with next-day delivery to areas outside our delivery zones.

When you interact with our customer service team, you can count on us to be responsive, provide you with prompt service, and be a source of reliable products that fit your high standards.

Your search is over for wood finishing supplies near me; get in touch with us today to see why Finishers Depot should be your trusted source for finishing products.