Select the Best Matte Finish for Wood Table Projects

Select the Best Matte Finish for Wood Table Projects

Are you looking for the best matte finish for wood table projects? A matte finish offers a wide range of possibilities. Here are some ideas to help you find the perfect finish for each job.

A popular design trend for finishing projects is using a matte finish for wood tables. This option provides a polished feel while keeping the natural appearance of the wood intact.

The key for finishing professionals is knowing how to select the best matte finish for wood table projects to satisfy each customer's order. Learn how to achieve a durable finish that has the look your customer has requested.

What Is a Matte Finish?

It’s essential to understand the effects of matte finishes so you can apply the finish correctly the first time. When choosing a finish, you’ll need to look at the amount of sheen to determine light reflectiveness:

  • A high-gloss finish provides the highest sheen.
  • A semi-gloss sheen reflects the least amount of light.

A matte finish has very low sheen capabilities. Typically, this means it provides a sheen of 10 degrees or less. A matte finish will reflect very little light – if it’s reflective at all - when applied to wood furniture.

How do you achieve the desired finish for your project? Let’s review the best options to satisfy the specifications of your customer’s order.

Polyurethane Finishes: Your Options for a Desired Sheen

ICA Coatings provides an industry-leading line of industrial coatings that can get the job done. Consider the following three types of industrial finishes from ICA Coatings that we highly recommend:

  • Water-Based Polyurethane
  • 2K Polyurethane Acrylics
  • Polyurethane Clear Sealers

Water-Based Polyurethane

ICA produces state-of-the-art water-based finishes that deliver excellent aesthetic results for both interior and exterior applications while reducing the impact on the user and the environment.

There are a few reasons why you might want to work with a water-based ICA polyurethane finish. This type of polyurethane gives off a less offensive odor during the application process. Additionally, it goes on clear in spite of its milky or cloudy appearance in the bucket, giving you a finish that brings out the wood’s natural beauty.

One specific ICA product line we recommend is ICA Naturwood, which includes ICA Naturwood Catalyst and ICA Naturwood Waterborne Clear Topcoat, Natural Effect. These products help finishers easely achieve a natural wood appearance.

2K Polyurethane Industrial Finishes

ICA 2K Acrylics is a great option to achieve a very low sheen befitting your customer’s request. 

The ICA acrylic system is a two-component system, which is non-yellowing, and available in super low sheen levels. ICA acrylics offer a good pot life and excellent adhesion. These products are in stock and ready to use.

You can enjoy fast drying times and easy application when making this selection. ICA Acrylics are typically applied by conventional spray and do especially well when applied with our Sames-Kremlin Spraying systems.

Polyurethane Clear Sealers

ICA Polyurethane Clear Sealers & Topcoats offer very flat sheens, and ICA polyurethanes are world renowned for giving a truly top-class finish.

Whether looking for mirror-like high gloss, dead flat matte, or anything in between, ICA polyurethanes can give you exactly what you and your most demanding clients dream of. Plus, this coating option is generally less expensive and requires less effort than other options.

Due to its versatility, ICA polyurethanes can be used anywhere the beautification and protection of wood is paramount. Polyurethane lends itself especially to applications where a durable, resistant, and stable finish is required, such as wood kitchen tables.

At Finishers Depot, this finish is in stock and easy to use.

  • Enjoy premium durability and fast-drying functionality.
  • The finish is easy to apply.
  • Custom colors are available through our shop.

ICA polyurethanes are typically applied to wooden surfaces using conventional spray. The wood surface does especially well when the coating is applied with the Same-Kremlin Spraying systems.

We Provide the Best Matte Finish for Wood Table Projects

When you’re looking for the best matte finish for wood table projects, make Finishers Depot your very first stop. We sell various ICA finishing products manufactured by the highest-quality provider of low-sheen, matte finishes in the market today.

We don’t just sell you a bucket of finishing products, though. We back our products with industry-leading customer service. We are committed to developing a partnership with your business so that we can help you acquire the best finish for each job.

At Finishers Depot, we are dedicated to helping you get your project done right. To discuss your project needs and request pricing on each type of finish, contact us today to speak with an industry specialist.