Make a Splash With These Varnish Colors for Wood

Make a Splash With These Varnish Colors for Wood

Find out how to select the ideal conversion varnish colors for wood that fit your customer orders. See the benefits of working with a team of experts to support finishing professionals.

Varnish has been around for centuries as a type of coating to add color and personality to wood pieces. Many types of old-style varnishes have been popular through the years, but as varnish has evolved over time, newer types of varnishes have arrived on the market.

The main type of varnish we recommend for modern finishing projects is conversion varnish. Find out why we recommend conversion varnish, the various types of conversion varnish colors for wood projects, and why it’s beneficial to work with Finishers Depot for your varnish needs.

Why Conversion Varnish for Wood Projects?

Conversion varnish is extremely useful when used to finish wood products, and one of the most popular applications is kitchen projects. Take a look at the advantages of using this type of varnish to support each customer’s project – and make a splash in the process.

  • Highly durable: This varnish can withstand everyday use and is moisture-resistant, making it ideal to apply on wood pieces that will be used in kitchen areas.
  • Elegant look: Conversion varnish accentuates wood pieces by highlighting the natural grains in wood. You can achieve various wood grain looks that support the client.
  • Fast drying times: Time is money for finishing professionals, so use conversion varnish to achieve the desired type of wood finish according to project timelines.
  • Versatile use: You can use this type of finish on various pieces of wood, such as kitchen cabinets, shelves, or wood tables used for dining on hardwood floors.
  • Consistent results: This type of varnish is preferred because you can achieve a highly accurate finish when applied properly.

We recognize the importance of achieving a consistent finish every time, which is why we released a training video that showcases how to apply conversion varnish to wood products. Take a look at this video of a finishing professional using ULTRAGUARD Conversion Varnish.

The Types of Conversion Varnish Colors for Wood

When thinking about the different types of conversion varnish colors for wood, it’s important to understand the customer’s expectations. Is your customer looking for a batch of kitchen pieces that have the hallmark of classic white finishes or something else that is clear and sheen?

Remember that whites and neutral colors are timeless and will always be in style. You can remain confident in this trend because homeowners treat kitchens as a critical element of their home layout.

Today’s homeowners are building smarter, more compact homes covering less square footage, but the size of kitchens is up significantly. It’s to the point where the average homeowner invested 25% more in kitchen upgrades from 2020 to 2021.

Because kitchens have become a centerpiece room in many homes, the current trend amongst end users is utilizing white pieces in the kitchen so they can utilize other colors in adjacent spaces to complement the kitchen.

At the end of the day, you will want to align with the latest trends while being mindful that the eventual end-user may have unique preferences. The best course of action is to go back to your customer’s order to determine what varnish color would best fit the order specifications.

Then, consider the types of conversion varnishes to select from. At Finishers Depot, we offer multiple options from leading brands such as ULTRAGUARD and ZENITH:

  • Whites and clears (water-based and solvent)
  • Sheens (from matte to full gloss)

Find a Solution for Your Conversion Varnish Needs

We understand you have many options to select protective coatings like varnish for your wood finishing projects. To ensure you receive the ideal products that fit your exact needs, we recommend working with a team of professionals who understand your industry.

We will work with you to understand the exact nature of your customer order, review the latest design trends against your order, and help you identify the best conversion varnish colors for wood projects.

We offer local service for finishing professionals, custom color matching to ensure you receive the exact stain color you need for the project, and support from experts who have been in your shoes before.

We will help you find a solution that fits your needs – whether you are finishing in a shop or on-site for a customer.

Talk to us today about your project requirements. We are ready to walk you through the best options and provide a final recommendation to help you select the ideal color for wood projects.