Woodworking Finishing Tools Your Business Needs for Success

Woodworking Finishing Tools Your Business Needs for Success

Which woodworking finishing tools do you need to complete customer orders successfully? Learn about the tools and equipment we recommend for finishing orders.

We believe every professional finisher should ask themselves, “What is my end goal?” before beginning a project. When you keep the end goal in mind, you can best consider the woodworking finishing tools required to complete the job excellently.

Plus, selecting the ideal woodworking equipment and tools is part of a larger effort to lower your total cost of applied finish. You can achieve this business objective through labor efficiencies, better technology, and selecting the proper tools.

Learn how Finishers Depot can help your business succeed. We’ll explain how we can help you address transfer efficiency problems through our premium selection of finishing tools. Discover the value of working with a true solution provider ready to put the best tools in your hands.

At Finishers Depot, We Begin With The End In Mind

Whether you are trying to improve the transfer efficiency of your stain department or you are trying to build a ground-up finishing line, we have something to offer you. We start by working backward to understand your goals.

The first question our team of experts will ask when you are looking for woodworking finishing tools is, “What are you trying to accomplish?” Understanding what you are trying to accomplish is beneficial for our team to start road-mapping a success plan.

Then, we address each problem area, propose solutions for you to reach your goals, and help you get the essential products, woodworking tools, and additional equipment you need.

For example, suppose your shop is finishing 600 fixtures per day. Then, your customer asks for a larger order, and you need to increase capacity to do 1,200 fixtures. Now that we know your challenge of needing to double capacity, we can provide you with a solution for the right type and quantity of tools to satisfy the customer’s order.

The Importance of Having the Right Tools for the Job

When you have the best tools for the job, you can eliminate waste. Having high-end woodworking finishing tools as a finishing professional helps you get things done efficiently, leading to ample profit margins.

We understand that time is money, so it stands to reason that when you have higher-caliber tools, you can complete more customer orders in less time. The result is cost-effectiveness and higher productivity.

What Are The Ideal Woodworking Finishing Tools That Finishing Professionals Need?

Once you identify your end goal, it is time to identify the woodworking finishing tools you need to succeed on the job. This step is important because having the proper tools can help you:

  • Create consistency
  • Be more efficient
  • Reduce cost per square foot

With the right tools in your arsenal, you can reduce waste, increase productivity, and enjoy cost savings. In general, finishing professionals such as yourself need tools that fall into these two categories:

Let’s explore each of these categories in more detail.

Spray Guns: A Must-Have Woodworking Finishing Tool

As a finishing professional, you know the importance of achieving transfer efficiency – especially as the quantity of your work increases. Returning to our previous scenario of a customer doubling their request for fixtures, you cannot afford to be inefficient.

Consider what the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) says about transfer efficiency. In directive D5286-20, ASTM defines it as “the ratio of paint solids deposited to the total paint solids used during the application process, expressed as a percent.”

In other words, it matters how much of the product you spray ends up on the piece you are crafting versus how much evaporates into thin air. This matters because overspray costs your business money and affects your profit margins.

Transfer efficiency can range from 20-90%, depending on the spray gun you select.

For instance, we offer a Wood Stain Spray Gun with a transfer efficiency rating of 81%. We also have the Kremlin Airmix System and Xcite Gun with up to 86% transfer efficiency for high productivity and uniform film build.

Yes, the higher the transfer efficiency, the more costlier the tool. However, selecting a premium spray gun is well worth the investment.

When you are burning through 5+ gallons of product per week on overspray and wasted product, when you do the math, you see that it takes little time for your business to recoup the investment in a more efficient finishing tool.

Sanding Equipment: A Must-Have Woodworking Finishing Tool

As professional wood finishers, dust from sanding is our enemy in the finishing environment. It is a nuisance and contaminant. Sanding can leave grit and dust in your finish, which is both unpleasant to the eyes and touch. Plus, dust can cause serious health issues.

Dustless sanding is a swanky solution to this age-old problem. These tools extract dust using vacuum suction while sanding to create a dust-free result.

For a dustless sanding solution, we recommend the PROS Mirka 5” Pneumatic Sander as one of the woodworking finishing tools in your shop.

Work With the Finishers Depot Team to Select the Woodworking Finishing Tools You Need

Finishers Depot is a true solutions provider for woodworking finishing tools. We proudly offer premium spray guns and sanding equipment that can help your shop achieve business objectives with less effort.

Our team of finishing professionals will expertly assist you in selecting tools and equipment that will help keep your customer projects moving forward and deliver the best results.

When you are ready for your next order, please contact us for a consultation with a member of our team. We know your business, and we’re ready to support your goals.