Different samples of finishing materials appeared on wood.

Wood Finishing Materials You Should Be Using

Looking for pro tips on which wood finishing materials you should use for wood finishing projects? Discover the wood coating products that should be in your repertoire.

Professional wood finishers who produce goods for peoples’ homes and businesses know that the finishing materials chosen for a job are critical for successful completion.

Choosing suitable wood finishing products ensures that your projects stand the test of time. Quality wood coatings can also give your projects an even better look. Discover the following materials that are competitively priced at Finishers Depot.

Wood Finishing Materials for the Professional Wood Finisher

While you probably already have some finishing materials in your shop, you should be sure that you have added these wood coating products to your repertoire.

1. Conversion Varnish

Axalta’s ULTRAGUARD conversion varnish is highly regarded in the wood finishing industry, largely thanks to the catalyzed durability and commercial functionality of this finishing material. 

ULTRAGUARD white & clear wood coatings are often specified because they can withstand the typical wear and tear on kitchen cabinets. The finishing material passes all Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA) test requirements. 

The ULTRAGUARD product line features a beautiful line of clears and whites available in an endless array of colors. All are supported locally by the experts at Finishers Depot.

2. Precatalyzed Laquer

Axalta’s AMARIUM precatalyzed lacquers are the professionals' choice! This widely popular system is available in clears, whites, and an unlimited array of colors. AMARIUM precatalyzed lacquer features a high-build premium and professional series for the discriminating professional wood finisher.  

The AMARIUM Precatalyzed lacquer lineup also features a unique Base Coat product line that combines the primer and final color coat in a single product! This unique color-on-color system will save you time and extra finishing steps - both of which save you money.   

AMARIUM is available in a wide variety of sheens and colors – all locally supported by the experts at Finishers Depot.

 Finishers Depot and Axalta Coatings provide wood finishing professionals with a wide variety of finishing materials for professional applications.

3. Waterborne

Axalta’s ZENITH water-based finish materials distinguish themselves in the wood finishing world by being an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional finishing materials. The Zenith series is available in a catalyzed and non-catalyzed lacquer, as well as a conversion varnish series for enhanced durability.

Zenith is available in a wide selection of sheens, clears, whites, and an endless array of colors – all supported by the experts at Finishers Depot.

4. Polyurethanes

We offer fast-drying, super-durable European technology products known as ICA polyurethanes. This specialty coating line, ICA 2K Polyurethanes, is known for delivering a truly top-class finish.

 Due to its versatility, ICA polyurethanes can be used to beautify and protect wood. Polyurethane lends itself to applications where a durable, resistant, and stable finish is required, such as office, public building, and kitchen furniture.

 Whether looking for mirror-like high gloss, dead flat matt, or anything in between, ICA polyurethanes deliver what you and your most demanding clients require – at less cost than you would anticipate.

 All are available in an endless array of colors and supported locally by the experts at Finishers Depot.

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