Professional Wood Stainers Need These Tools

Professional Wood Stainers Need These Tools

Professional wood stainers and the products and tools required are critical to the professional finishing industry.

While painted finishes are still widely used, classic wood stains are making a strong comeback. The beauty of accentuated natural wood grains and the demand for earthy tones is leading to increased demand for professional wood staining products.

Professionals offering quality wood finishing services, utilizing high-quality industrial products that can highlight the wood’s natural grains, can really stand out in the industry.

How Can Professional Wood Stainers Excel at Their Craft?

If you want to increase the quality of your work when providing professional wood staining to customers, consider these products.

Glazing Tools

Retro is never out of style, creating the need for people who can take finished wood products and apply a distressed antique look and feel in high demand. Wood glazes, which can be incorporated into many finishing systems, are ideal for achieving the desired outcome.

In addition to choosing the right type of glaze, it's equally vital that you have the right tools to apply it with. While some glazes are meant to be applied with a brush, to get a look that highlights your molding details, you may consider using a different application.

Gravity Inking guns, inking bottles, and inking needles all come with their own benefits. For instance, an inking gun can help you apply glaze with precision to those molding lines to produce a clean modern look, while an inking needle setup allows you to do the same thing with a more manual application.

Spray Stains

Spray stains, which are available in both water-based and solvent-based products, can drastically change the look of any wood surface. Spray stains are a favored tool of professional wood stainers thanks to their fast application. But, to make your mark in the industry, you want to invest in high-quality spraying systems.

Choosing a quality stain is also essential for producing an even and consistent color, quick dry times, and no “eyebrowing” or a "splotchy" appearance.

There are many industrial versions of spray stains. Let the professional at Finishers Depot help you choose the right stain base for your products.

NGR Dye Stains

Another popular trend in the world of wood finishes is NGR stains. NGR, which stands for non-grain raising, is made up of such tiny pigments that they do not raise the grain of the wood, like some other types of stain do. Instead, these microscopic pigments permeate the wood and actually change the color of the wood to a strong transparent stain color.

There are many benefits associated with NGR dye stains. Mainly, they are available in a variety of colors and can be used in many applications for professional wood staining.

Wipe Stains

Finally, a professional stainer must know how to apply wipe stains effectively. Wipe stains are among the oldest stains on the market because of how easy they are to use and their durability.

While you certainly don't have to have professional training to use wipe stains, it's worth noting that being a professional goes far beyond simply pouring some stain on wood and wiping it with a rag. While different stainers may have their own methods for using this type of stain, it's crucial to strive for a certain level of consistency in application.

Investing in a quality wipe stain available in trendy colors is essential to your commercial success.

Finishers Depot Supports Professional Wood Stainers

If you’re looking for the best stain products, check out our collection of stains and glazes.

You can also contact the Finishers Depot team with questions about our product lines. A dedicated team member is ready to help you choose the type of stain that is right for you. We are here to serve professional wood stainers!