Why Your Wood Finish Provider Should Be Your Trusted Advisor

Why Your Wood Finish Provider Should Be Your Trusted Advisor

Looking for a reliable wood finish provider who can help you apply finishes and get more done in less time? Learn how we support professional finishers as a long-term partner.

When you walk into a big-box department store looking for finishing products, the salesperson’s primary goal is to make a sale. By comparison, when you work with Finishers Depot to source critical products for your finishing jobs, we’re looking to build a relationship.

Purchasing finishes is so much more than just buying a gallon of product. We believe that your wood finish provider should be up-to-date on the latest challenges and developments that affect the finishing industry so that you obtain the right product(s) for the job.

We are committed to keeping you updated on everything that is required to achieve a quality finish for each job, every time. Find out why we are passionate about becoming your trusted advisor and go-to resource for finishing solutions, not just products.

The Role of Your Finishing Provider as a Valuable Resource

Why should you seek out a professional team that truly knows the industry and is focused on what you’re doing? Consider what we bring to the table to support finishing professionals.

1. Turnkey Solutions

Our primary focus is crafting solutions that fit your needs. We carry a broad enough line of industrial finishes, specialty finishes, abrasives, shop supplies, and equipment that we can offer you comprehensive support to help you get the job done.

For example, when you need wood coatings, we can help you select the appropriate tools that make it easier and more efficient to apply the coating. This way, you spend less time completing each customer’s order and save money by obtaining exactly what you need for the job.

2. Honest Recommendations

Our goal is to become a strategic partner for your business. We are focused on building long-term relationships that support your needs over the long haul. Part of the success of this type of working relationship is honesty.

Our team is committed to recommending the right product that fits your actual needs. If it’s not something we sell, then we’ll point you in the right direction to where you can find the finish that you need. Because relationships are so important to us, we want you to receive the right advice so that you can make an informed decision.

3. Industry Partnerships

If we do not carry the product you need for a particular job, there’s a great chance we know who carries exactly what you’re looking for. Instead of wasting time chasing around alternatives, you can rely on us to provide guidance.

We have great relationships with vendors, competitors, and partners that we can call on your behalf to help you out. Our team of experts will work hard to help you track down the exact product you are looking for.

4. Helpful Tips

Our expert team ensures that you are confident in how to use each product that you purchase from us.

Some companies might sell you a product, but they are likely unable to tell you how to apply the finish. Meanwhile, other companies just focus on the application, but they do not have a line of products to offer you.

At Finishers Depot, we carefully craft a solution that fits your project. We can offer you a product and provide you with helpful guidance on how to apply each finish. The result is the desired outcome that ensures the success of your project.

- Review our collection of YouTube videos with tips for finishing professionals.

5. Additional Training

We understand that each finishing professional has their own unique journey of learning their craft. In addition to providing tips for how to use each finish, we provide workshops and other training opportunities for professionals.

We offer hands-on training because we believe it’s important for professionals to truly understand their craft, engage in the process, and develop critical skills. We are here to help you advance as a professional so that you can excel and advance in your career.

Find a Solution From Your Wood Finish Provider

In today’s fast-moving finishing world, you need a trusted advisor who is ready to partner with you and provide solutions that fit your needs. Having a wood finish provider available on your timeline can be extremely beneficial over the long haul.

If you’re tired of working with finishing re-sellers at bigger stores, now is a great time to partner with a finishing supplier who is committed to your success. We are confident that you can grow through our support.

Contact us today to discuss solutions and request pricing on wood finishes and other supplies for your projects.