View Our Selection of Wood Toner Spray Products

View Our Selection of Wood Toner Spray Products

Looking to get the best wood toner spray products for your project? Learn about the uses and benefits of this type of spray and how Finishers Depot can help you out.

When cohesion and consistency matter in the final look of a project, it is vital to use professional wood touch-up products. Wood toner sprays (or touchup aerosols) can help you achieve a polished aesthetic and top-notch finish.

Learn why and how you can utilize wood toner spray to help you achieve project success and customer satisfaction.

What Is Wood Toner Spray?

This type of spray includes a line of aerosol products with a low-solids finish with color added. The purpose of this product is to float color on top of the existing finish to blend any contrasting colors to create uniformity in the visual aesthetic of the project. 

Why Use A Wood Toner Spray For Your Project?

We have all been there. You are working on a piece of finished furniture, and suddenly you observe unwanted color contrasts. Perhaps a drawer or a leg of the furniture seems to be five shades lighter than the rest of the project when you ultimately desire an even, consistent tone for the finished look.

Naturally occurring inconsistencies in wood tone variations are to be expected. Still, mineral streaks or issues with material composition can be especially problematic for professional wood finishers who desire flawless projects.

This situation is where a professional-grade spray comes in handy to correct the issue.

How To Use A Wood Toner Spray

Follow these simple steps to get a smooth, even finish from your wood toner spray:

  • Clean The Surface: Remove old finishes, grime, or grease imperfections. 
  • Cover Areas To Protect From Overspray: Painter's tape, drop cloths, or even old newspapers are great for this step.
  • Perform a Test: Shake the can well to mix contents, and use scrap wood or old newspaper for a test spray.
  • Use Proper Technique: Spray steady, overlapping strokes. Thin coats are best, even if you need multiple coats. This approach prevents drips, runs, and uneven, thick layers that cause problems with drying.
  • Allow Time To Dry And Clean Your Workspace: Give the spray ample time to dry. Meanwhile, clear the nozzle of your spray can to ensure it is ready for future projects. Finally, clean up any overspray and tidy your work area.

What Are Some Common Wood Toner Spray Challenges? 

You may face several pitfalls when working with this type of spray. Let’s take a closer look at what you will want to avoid.

Poor Product Absorption

Since wood is a highly porous material, a common problem with wood toner spray is inconsistent absorption because different wood grains or knots absorb the product faster. Previous treatments or finishes to the wood may also impact the absorption rate of the spray.

Streaking and blotching may occur because some woods tend to get blotchy in addition to specific sections of the wood absorbing at different rates. Streaks may also occur if you overlap a fresh coat with a previous stroke that is still wet.

Color Mismatches

Color mismatches occur when the finished product looks like a different color than desired, not matching the wood. Several factors can impact this, but the easiest solution is to test the wood finishing spray to see how it will look on the wood.

Also, check the age of your product and verify your touchup spray is still viable since the last use. Spray can deteriorate or become contaminated if not stored properly between uses.

Not Following The Directions

Every wood toner spray will have slightly different directions from the manufacturer. These recommendations may instruct you on the application or drying instructions for the product. Follow these to the best of your ability for premier results.

The Benefits Of Using A Wood Toner Spray

There are several benefits to using wood finishes on wooden surfaces. Review some of the advantages of wood toner spray for your next project.

Enhanced Appearance And Value

Wood toner sprays allow you to be creative as a professional wood finisher. Wood toners or touch-up sprays can improve the appearance and natural beauty of the wood. Or, you can achieve a sleek, finished look with total consistency and even results with no contrast in color.

When you use this type of spray to enhance the appearance of wood, you can achieve the following positive results:

  • Provide uniformity across multiple wood pieces, large surfaces, and several projects.
  • Hide imperfections and the age of the materials.

Consistency And Customer Satisfaction

As a professional wood finisher, you want to provide customers with a consistent customer experience to build trust and ensure customer loyalty.

When you use a wood toner spray, you provide a quality, uniform finish for each project, which enhances the value of your product. These factors help create a positive experience and repeat business opportunities.

Get The Best Finish With One of Our Wood Toner Sprays

As the go-to resource for industry professionals, Finishers Depot is here to supply you with the products you need so that every project can succeed. 

We’re here to provide solutions, such as project consistency, that will increase your bottom line. So, when a project requires uniformity and a more consistent, even finish, the best solution is to use one of our many off-the-shelf wood toner sprays.

Utilizing our advanced color-matching technology and consumer research, you can be assured that nearly all of your wood toner spray needs will be met by one of these stellar options.

Our team of finishing professionals can expertly assist you in choosing the best spray needed for your project. When you’re ready to place your order, please contact us for a consultation with a member of our team.