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NGR Stain

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Stock/SKU number Description ColorSize Price Quantity
NG1400-1 NGR Stain - Van Dyke Brown - Gallon Van Dyke Brown1 Gallon $39.61
NG1400-Q NGR Stain - Van Dyke Brown - Quarts Van Dyke Brown1 Quart $15.27
NG1401-1 NGR Stain - Burnt Umber - Gallon Burnt Umber1 Gallon $39.61
NG1401-Q NGR Stain - Burnt Umber - Quarts Burnt Umber1 Quart $15.27
NG1405-1 NGR Stain - Walnut - Gallon Walnut1 Gallon $39.61
NG1405-Q NGR Stain - Walnut - Quart Walnut1 Quart $15.27
NG1411-1 NGR Stain - Perfect Brown - Gallon Perfect Brown1 Gallon $39.61
NG1411-Q NGR Stain - Perfect Brown - Quarts Perfect Brown1 Quart $15.27
NG1450-1 NGR Stain - Raw Umber - Gallon Raw Umber1 Gallon $39.61
NG1450-Q NGR Stain - Raw Umber - Quarts Raw Umber1 Quart $15.27
NG1500-1 NGR Stain - Red Mahogany - Gallon Red Mahogany1 Gallon $39.61
NG1500-Q NGR Stain - Red Mahogany - Quarts Red Mahogany1 Quart $15.27
NG1503-1 NGR Stain - Brown Red Mahogany - Gallon Brown Red Mahogany1 Gallon $39.61
NG1503-Q NGR Stain - Brown Red Mahogany - Quarts Brown Red Mahogany1 Quart $15.27
NG1510-1 NGR Stain - Red - Gallon Red1 Gallon $39.61
NG1510-Q NGR Stain - Red - Quart Red1 Quart $15.27
NG1560-1 NGR Stain - Burnt Sienna - Gallon Burnt Sienna1 Gallon $39.61
NG1560-Q NGR Stain - Burnt Sienna - Quarts Burnt Sienna1 Quart $15.27
NG1610-1 NGR Stain - Orange - Gallon Orange1 Gallon $39.61
NG1610-Q NGR Stain - Orange - Quarts Orange1 Quart $15.27
NG1703-1 NGR Stain - Yellow - Gallon Yellow1 Gallon $39.61
NG1703-Q NGR Stain - Yellow - Quarts Yellow1 Quart $15.27
NG1750-1 NGR Stain - Raw Sienna - Gallon Raw Sienna1 Gallon $39.61
NG1750-Q NGR Stain - Raw Sienna - Quarts Raw Sienna1 Quart $15.27
NG2000-1 NGR Stain - Green - Gallon Green1 Gallon $39.61
NG2000-Q NGR Stain - Green - Quarts Green1 Quart $15.27
NG930-1 NGR Stain - Black - Gallon Black1 Gallon $39.61
NG930-Q NGR Stain - Black - Quarts Black1 Quart $15.27
NG950-1 NGR Stain - Brown - Gallon Brown1 Gallon $39.61
NG950-Q NGR Stain - Brown - Quarts Brown1 Quart $15.27
Super Penetrating NGR Stains are specifically formulated to provide the ultimate transparency in a versatile color selection. Specifically formulated to be utilized in a variety of applications; as a foundation color for dark transparent colors, as a spray on stain as a dye for tinting lacquer or sealer.

Ready and Easy to Use:
Intense rich color
Outstanding uniformity of color
HAPs compliant

All the Benefits You Need:
Excellent Penetration
Superior Transparency & Clarity
Fast Drying Spray Stain
May be added to many clear finish products
to achieve a variety of results
Ready to use formulas

Perfect For:
All general interior wood finishing
Cabinets, tables, furniture, and other interior wood surfaces where delicious color development is your goal

This product requires hazardous material packaging and additional hazmat surcharges to ship this material. Here is an explanation of the hazmat surcharges. Any additional questions please contact us contact us