What Are Examples of Heat Resistant Wood Finish Products?

What Are Examples of Heat Resistant Wood Finish Products?

Looking for guidance on how to achieve a heat resistant wood finish for your commercial or industrial project? Read this valuable information for wood finishing professionals.

There are many times when a project calls for a heat resistant wood finish. A common example is when customers order finished dining tables or other furniture that is expected to be exposed to hot objects. In these situations, your customer will likely want the surface to offer some heat resistance so that it stands the test of time.

As a finishing professional, it’s important to know your choices that allow the surface of a table or similar furnishing to withstand heat. A great starting point is to learn more about finishes such as conversion varnishes and polyurethane finishes.

Let’s review some specific examples of finishes in each of these categories to help you meet your customer’s expectations.

What Makes the Best Heat Resistant Wood Finishes?

The Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA) certification includes a heat test up to 120⁰F (49⁰C), so you will want to look for products that meet or surpass KCMA performance standards.

At Finishers Depot, we have you covered with conversion varnish and 2K polyurethane industrial finishes. Let’s review the functionality and benefits of these finishes.

Conversion Varnish

Catalyzed conversion varnishes provide durability that includes heat resistance. Because conversion varnish contains a high percentage of solids, it requires fewer coats to create a high-caliber film.

Using conversion varnish for your project has some clear advantages:

  • Low in solvents, making conversion varnish environmentally friendly and HAPs (Hazardous Air Pollutants) compliant.
  • Contains a self-sealer, though a companion sealer can be added for additional protection.
  • Resistant to scratches, marring, chemicals, and moisture.
  • Easy to sand and provides enhanced UV protection.
  • Dries quickly and is known for good mechanical strength.

When applied properly, conversion varnishes surpass all KCMA performance standards.

2K Polyurethane

2K polyurethane, sometimes called 2K urethane or 2K poly, consists of two components that are mixed just prior to use. The “2K” in the names simply refers to a two-component system that creates an epoxy-like finish that, when dry, offers great heat resistance.

Polyurethanes are well known for their beautiful finishes and versatility. You can choose a mirror-like high gloss finish, a completely matte finish, or just about anything in between.

Consider the benefits of selecting 2K polyurethane for a project that calls for a heat resistant finish:

  • Extremely versatile by providing a durable, resistant, and stable finish
  • Allows professionals to apply multiple coats after sanding in between each application.
  • Stands up well when exposed to chemicals.
  • Can achieve a glossy, glass-like finish.
  • Known for its durability with thicker layering applications.
  • Able to reach into grainy woods more completely to seal pores.
  • Holds up well to frequent cleanings with strong chemicals.

2K polyurethane is a great option for commercial projects where stronger cleansers are often used frequently for sanitation purposes.

Ready to Select a Heat Resistant Wood Finish Product for Your Job?

Both types of finishes we highlighted provide durability and beauty. The next step for finishing professionals is deciding which type of finish is the right fit for your job. To find the answer, all you have to do is give us a call to speak with a knowledgeable member of our team.

Our experts are available to discuss your project and help you select the ideal heat resistant wood finish project for the job. You can rest assured that one conversation with our finishing experts will result in the best solution for your job.