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G15 Zip Kicker - 2 oz. Aerosol Can Aerosol Can2 oz. $6.09
G16 Zip Kicker - 5 oz. Aerosol Can Aerosol Can5 oz. $8.01
No clamping required. Choose from 3 versions to securely bond wood, veneer...nearly anything. This super-hot cyanoacrylate adhesive works great to re-glue chairs, small veneer jobs and other shop jobs. Does not require clamping. When correct selection is used, Zap will bond virtually anything. Sold individually or by the case.
Zap-A-Gap(Green) Recommended for jobs with cracks and spaces less than 1/16”. Apply, then place parts together. Medium thick, semi-fast. Sets in 30-45 seconds.
Zap CA (Pink) Use for tight cracks and joints. Place pieces together and apply to outside to penetrate and bond. Super-thin and fast. Penetrates, dries in 10-15 seconds.
Slo Zap(Yellow) For large cracks and voids. Ultra-thick can be used as filler. Ideal for jobs requiring assembly. Sets in 1-2 minutes.
Zip Kicker Aerosol In 2 oz. and 5 oz. aerosol cans. Saves time, makes all ZAP glues virtually instant-dry