ULTRAGUARD Neutral Tint Base - Finishers Depot
ULTRAGUARD Neutral Tint Base - Finishers Depot


ULTRAGUARD Neutral Tint Base


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Stock/SKU number Catalyst Description FinishSize Price Quantity
VL-AUC7109-1 testing ULTRAGUARD, Neutral Tint Base, Gloss, Gallon Gloss1 Gallon $64.25
VL-AUC7109-5 ULTRAGUARD, Neutral Tint Base, Gloss, 5/Pail Gloss5 Gallon $347.86
VL-AUF7102-1 ULTRAGUARD, Neutral Tint Base, Satin, Gallon Satin1 Gallon $71.11
VL-AUF7102-5 ULTRAGUARD, Neutral Tint Base, Satin - 5/Pail Satin5 Gallon $409.25
VL-AUF7104-1 ULTRAGUARD, Neutral Tint Base, Soft Gloss, Gallon Soft Gloss1 Gallon $83.45
Ultraguard Conversion Varnishes offer a superior finish that handles moisture
and other high traffic areas. Ultraguard is suited for interior wood surfaces such
as kitchen cabinets, tables, office furniture and other wood fixtures.
Ready and Easy to Use:
• Ready to spray (after catalyzed)
• High solids
• Superior scratch and mar resistance
• Superior chemical and moisture resistance
• Excellent clarity
• Easy to sand
• Enhanced UV protection
• Easy to use and apply with excellent flow & build
All the Benefits You Need:
• Self-seal system or may be used with a
companion sealer when desired
• Can be applied by conventional airspray, HVLP,
airless or air-assisted airless equipment
• Surpasses all KCMA performance standards
when applied properly
• HAPs compliant
Perfect For:
• Kitchen and bathroom cabinets, office furniture,
architectural millwork and store fixtures