LUSTER-LAC Premium Water White Lacquer - Finishers Depot
LUSTER-LAC Premium Water White Lacquer - Finishers Depot


LUSTER-LAC Premium Water White Lacquer


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Stock/SKU number Technical Specification Data Sheet Description FinishSize Price Quantity
VL-NAC1119-1 LUSTER-LAC Premium - WW Gloss 1/Gallon Gloss1 Gallon $50.90
VL-NAC1119-5 LUSTER-LAC Premium - WW Gloss 5/Gallon Gloss5 Gallon $246.44
VL-NAF1111-1 LUSTER-LAC Premium - WW MATTE 1/Gallon Matte1 Gallon $50.90
VL-NAF1112-1 LUSTER-LAC Premium - WW Satin 1/Gallon Satin1 Gallon $50.90
VL-NAF1112-5 LUSTER-LAC Premium - WW Satin 5/Gallon Satin5 Gallon $246.44
VL-NAF1116-1 LUSTER-LAC Premium - WW Semi Gloss 1/Gallon Semi Gloss1 Gallon $50.90
VL-NAF1116-5 LUSTER-LAC Premium - WW Semi-Gloss 5/Gallon Semi Gloss5 Gallon $246.44
VL-NAS1110-1 LUSTER-LAC Premium - WW Sealer 1/Gallon Sealer1 Gallon $49.08
VL-NAS1110-5 LUSTER-LAC Premium - WW Sealer 5/Gallon Sealer5 Gallon $237.36

Luster Lac Premium nitrocellulose sealers and lacquer topcoats offer an easy to apply, fast
drying finishing system formulated to provide excellent flow, build and finishing properties for
a non-catalyzed traditional lacquer system

Ready and Easy to Use:
• Quick drying
• Excellent rubbing properties
• HAPs compliant
• No catalyst required
All the Benefits You Need:
• Easy to use and apply with excellent flow and
build properties
• Easy to recoat
• Easy touch-up and repair
• Applicable for all wood species
Perfect For:
• Furniture and general interior wood finishing
• Interior wood fixtures and new construction


This product requires hazardous material packaging and additional hazmat surcharges to ship this material. Here is an explanation of the hazmat surcharges. Any additional questions please contact us contact us