Kremlin Smart Cup Gun Adapter fits DEVILBISS FLG, GTI, PRI, & TEKNA - Finishers Depot


Kremlin Smart Cup Gun Adapter fits DEVILBISS FLG, GTI, PRI, & TEKNA


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Kremlin’s Smart Cups make mixing and spraying a real pleasure while simplifying the cleaning and conservation of coatings & stains. No need to transfer your products into different containers - use the same liner to mix, apply, store/dispose of all without splashing. Developed for frequent color changes, the Smart Cups solution reduces cleaning time and solvent usage.
The disposable Smart Cup attachment system allows use in any position without the risk of dripping, all while improving productivity and quality!
1. Built-in filter with 190μm & conical design to improve flow rate and reduce dead zones
2. The liner collapses evenly while spraying for stable fluid delivery: It is possible to spray in all directions and to check the paint level
3. The spherical bottom creates a vortex when stirring for proper paint mixing
4. Selection of ultra-light adapters with a perforating tool inside the adapter: paint flows only when the cup is on the gun
5. Fast locking system with only 2 clips
6. Unitized lid and liner assembly: eliminate the hazard of coming apart during disposal
7. Sealing plug to protect the paint for later use
8. Lid and ring dispenser
9. Cup dispenser