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Kremlin FPro Lock, 1.2 Needle


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Kremlin’s FPro series represent the professional grade Airspray guns for the wood industry. FPro Airspray guns feature patented
innovative restrictor controls that pre-atomize the coating into smaller droplets, thus slowing down the travel speed and leaving
time for the air cap to atomize the perfect coating droplet size. This avoids excessive bounce back and increases transfer
efficiency. Additionally, the patented Vortex spin effect lets the coating achieve a higher level of concentration on complex
shaped parts like raised panel edges and corners.
Both patented technologies work to improve overall transfer efficiency and
achieve better finish quality. FPro series Airpspray is designed to be easy to use
and well-suited to apply water-based or solvent-based coatings.
They can to be configured to match your needs.
1. The FPro P spray gun gives the perfect finishing available for all
painters. The most comprehensive range of spray guns and accessories for all
applications in markets that require high-finishing spraying.
2. Patent pending restrictor paint speed controller and patent pending
Vortex spin effect delivers a perfect atomization with very high transfer
efficiency (up to 78% in HVLP).
3. Three atomization and air cap technologies: Conventional, LVLP and
HVLP available versions.
4. Three different adjustment knobs to get the perfect spray pattern in
every condition
5. EZ Adjust Aircap to facilitate the rotation of the head from horizontal
to vertical spray
6. Fluid inlet with or without swivel fitting for low torque effort
minimizing operator fatigue. Feature built-in filter screens built-in
filter with high filtration capacity to avoid tip blockage and reduce
pressure loss
7. Light paint gun and ergonomic design for a comfortable fit and feel
8. Built-in hook to keep the paint gun near the workstation
9. Ergonomic paint gun trigger pull with minimal force