Kremlin 10:14 Pump Cartridge Kit With GT Seal


Sale price$207.85
The Sames Kremlin Airmix® Pump System provides exceptional Performance, quality of finish and high transfer efficiency.

Comes complete with 25’air & fluid hoses, X-Cite gun
with 09/114 tip sets for fine finishing.
• Constant, pulse free delivery for superior finish
• Fluid section designed to handle a wide range of
• Reduce paint & solvent waste
• Low air consumption Reliable air motor with 45%
fewer part vs competitors
• Closed construction with no risk of injuries. Kremlin
Xcite Spray Gun - Tip 09.114, 120
• Bar w/Aircap. The Xcite™ Airmix® manual spray
gun delivers outstanding performance with
unsurpassed finish quality for a quick payback. The
Xcite™ is HVLP compliant.