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ICA Polyurethane Clear Sealers & Topcoats


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Stock/SKU number Description SizeSheen Price Quantity
IC-OP383-1 ICA Polyurethane Top Coat, 20 Sheen 1 Gallon20 Sheen $67.04
IC-OP383-5 ICA Polyurethane Top Coat, 20 Sheen 5 Gallon20 Sheen $283.59
IC-OP383G10-1 ICA Polyurethane Top Coat,10 Sheen 1 Gallon10 Sheen $68.11
IC-OP383G10-5 ICA Polyurethane Top Coat,10 Sheen 5 Gallon10 Sheen $288.85
IC-OP384-1 ICA Polyurethane Top Coat, 40 Sheen 1 Gallon40 Sheen $67.02
IC-OP384-5 ICA Polyurethane Top Coat, 40 Sheen 5 Gallon40 Sheen $283.59
IC-OP385G90-1 ICA Polyurethane Top Coat, 90 Sheen 1 Gallon90 Sheen $75.60
IC-OP385G90-5 ICA Polyurethane Top Coat, 90 Sheen 5 Gallon90 Sheen $326.41
IC-LP157IUVE-1 ICA Polyurethane Exterior Topcoat, 25 Sheen, 1/Gallon 1 Gallon25 Sheen $206.50
IC-FP271-1 ICA Polyurethane Universal Sealer - 1/Gallon 1 GallonSealer $53.05
IC-FP271-5 ICA Polyurethane Universal Sealer - 5/Pail 5 GallonSealer $213.79

ICA polyurethanes are world renowned for giving a truly top-class finish. Whether looking for mirror-like high gloss, dead flat matte, or anything in between, ICA polyurethanes can give you what you and your most demanding clients dream of with less expense and effort than you probably realize. Due to its versatility, ICA polyurethanes can be used anywhere the beautification and protection of wood is paramount. Polyurethane lends itself especially to applications. where a durable, resistant, and stable finish is required, such as office, public building, and kitchen furniture. In Stock and Easy to Use:

  • Premium durability
  • Fast drying
  • Easy to apply
  • Custom colors available
  • ICA polyurethanes are typically applied by conventional spray and do especially well when applied with our Same-Kremlin Spraying systems.

This product requires hazardous material packaging and additional hazmat surcharges to ship this material. Here is an explanation of the hazmat surcharges. Any additional questions please contact us contact us sales@wfdepot.com.