Burn-in Stick

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Stock/SKU number Description Color Price Quantity
SS2000 Burn-In Stick - Black Black $4.01
SS2401 Burn-In Stick - Perfect Brown Perfect Brown $4.01
SS2402 Burn-In Stick - Raw Sienna Raw Sienna $4.01
SS2403 Burn-In Stick - Raw Umber Raw Umber $4.01
SS2404 Burn-In Stick - Burnt Umber Burnt Umber $4.01
SS2405 Burn-In Stick - Van Dyke Brown Van Dyke Brown $4.01
SS2406 Burn-In Stick - Burnt Sienna Burnt Sienna $4.01
SS2407 Burn-In Stick - Cordovan Mahogany Cordovan Mahogany $4.01
SS2408 Burn-In Stick - Mahogany Mahogany $4.01
SS2409 Burn-In Stick - Dark Mahogany Dark Mahogany $4.01
SS2410 Burn-In Stick - Light Mahogany Light Mahogany $4.01
SS2411 Burn-In Stick - Pine Pine $4.01
SS2412 Burn-In Stick - Dark Pine Dark Pine $4.01
SS2437 Burn-In Stick - Transparent White Transparent White $4.01
Use for color replacement in a wide variety of touchup repairs Low Sheen Burn-In Sticks. Use the same way as traditional burn-in sticks...lower melting point makes these sticks easier to use. 3” long sticks are flexible, not rigid or brittle. Satin sheen, excellent adhesion.