Wall Of Color

Revolutionizing Your Color Selection Experience


Embrace innovation and efficiency with our Digital Wall of Color. This advanced tool offers an extensive palette of colors at your fingertips, designed to enhance your selection process, reduce costs, and accelerate your project's journey from concept to completion. Whether you're aiming for precision, speed, or sustainability, our Digital Wall of Color empowers you to make informed decisions, ensuring your vision comes to life just as you imagined. Explore the benefits through these key features

Solvent Based Wiping Stain

Specially designed for swift, consistent color in production settings, ideal for cabinets and millwork, offering a hand-wiped or monotone finish without wood variation in one pass, ready for top-coating in 15-30 minutes, and eliminating wiping labor and rag disposal, available in both water and solvent versions

Waterbase Wiping Stain

Formulated for enhancing wood's natural beauty, perfect for cabinets, furniture, and interior surfaces, offering rich color in one pass with both dye and pigment formulations.

Coverage Cost Calculator

Use our handy calculator to determine the cost per square foot for your coatings.