Is Your Team Evolving with Available Finishing Technology?

Is Your Team Evolving with Available Finishing Technology?

New technology has made it easier to apply finishes to mass-produced items. Find out why your finishing department should be using the latest finishing technology to support the business.

Over the past 50 years, coating technologies and application equipment have evolved at a fast pace. Yet, it’s rare when finishing departments are held accountable for using the latest finishing technology to achieve better results. Instead, the focus is just getting products out the door.

Unfortunately, the quality of products, quality control issues, and the applied cost per square foot is usually not routinely measured. But for business owners and managers, these things really matter the most.

Unless your finishing department is held responsible for output, costs, and efficiencies, they will continue to execute tasks the way they always have.

You might not see a problem with the old equipment your team has always used. However, upgrading to newer technology could improve your team’s efficiency and productivity, while motivating finishing professionals to embrace new technology that will make their job easier. Find out about the latest technology that your finishing department should adopt.

Reduce Drying Time with Green Fast Cure

An issue for manufacturing facilities is the drying time for finishes and paint. The time it takes for a coating or finish to dry adds to the total curing time, hampering your facility’s productivity. GreenFastCure offers a solution to this problem by reducing the time needed to dry finishes:

  • Provides a fast cure solution for remarkable efficiency gains.
  • Possesses innovative formulation and rapid drying capabilities.
  • Accelerates production cycles.
  • Enables quicker turnaround times.
  • Boosts overall efficiency without compromising on finish quality.

The system centers around a heating panel that looks like a flat-screen television. The panel gives off infrared waves that help focus the heat. This technology warms the item from the inside, spreading the heat outward.

When air drying, an item can take up to 30 minutes to complete the curing process. In contrast, an item of the same size would dry in just a few minutes when using the GreenFastCure panel. That’s efficiency at its best.

Create a More Precise Mixture with the MVP Mixing System

The MVP Mixing system hasn’t reached the market yet, but it will soon. This system will change how finishes are mixed by making it easier to create a precise mixture.

When creating the finish, you need the catalyst to make up 3–10% of the mixture. A mistake can result in large amounts of waste when mixing a coating for use in manufacturing batches. Even a tiny mistake can cause a drain on resources and productivity while driving up costs.

The MVP mixing system will automatically calculate the formula for every finish. The software used in this process ensures that every batch is correct before it reaches the application gun. When using this system, your facility will limit waste to clean-up processes.

An advantage of the MVP system is that it levels the playing field. Larger corporations may already use complex systems for mixing finishing coatings, but they are very challenging to use. And, these systems are too robust for smaller businesses that do not need to reach the same manufacturing volumes.

The new MVP system will help large businesses increase accuracy and help smaller businesses boost productivity without risking mistakes caused by human error. It’s a win-win for every type of business.

Smart Technology Is Driving Automation

You’ll also find that advances in smart technology such as AI (artificial intelligence) will be able to help finishing companies increase efficiency in the future.

Intelligent machinery will use AI-driven software and robotics to refine the finishing process. Coatings will get applied more evenly, reducing manufacturing errors.

A more precise application process will also save time. This is because production batches will be completed with fewer errors. The products released for distribution will also look better and last longer since AI-driven machinery will apply finishings and coatings more thoroughly. 

As you invest in this type of technology for your business, you’ll discover opportunities to maximize efficiency and productivity. As a result, you’ll be able to assign your team to more productive tasks. They’ll be able to take on tasks that only a human can execute.

Work with Our Experts to Utilize Finishing Technology

At Finishers Depot, we are focused on helping finishing companies improve throughput so they can maximize revenue potential. We also believe that properly embracing technology can help your company save time and labor to make your operation more efficient. 

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