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Wood Finishers Depot offers a huge selection of products that can be custom tinted to your specfic color requests. See below to choose the product line that you need.


 What products can you provide in custom colors?

Conversion Varnish

Post Catalyzed Lacquer

Precatalyzed Lacquer Lacquer

Aliphatic Urethane

Acrylic Lacquers

Primers & Sealers


Oil Wiping Stains

Spray No-Wipe Stains

Lacquer Stains

NGR Stains

Installer’s Putty

Paint Pens

Wax Filling Sticks




One gallon minimums apply for coatings and stains
Minimum of 36 units on touch-up products


Turn Around Times
We strive for 3 business days turn around, or less, on custom color approval samples, but please keep in mind that:

• If multiple products are submitted more time may be required.
• Sample must be submitted by 3 PM for work on the following day.
• Turn around days begin on the business day following submittal of sample.
• Time frame does not include transit time for samples.
• In response to large demands we reserve the right to refuse additional samples for 3 day turn around.


While You Wait” Color Matches
We do offer will call matching service on solid color only (no stains). Please limit your order to 2 colors with a maximum of 10 gallons each. All additional colors please follow our regular terms and conditions.


How do you get started?


  • Stains - ½ pint liquid sample of your stain, a minimum 6” X 6” dry standard and a large amount of the actual sanded substrate you’re going to use with this stain. On the dry sample please circle the target area that you would like matched. If a liquid standard cannot be supplied, we may be able to provide a reasonable match on your supplied substrate.
  • Solid Colors, Glazes & Paint Pens – We have many of the popular paint store color decks on file. If we have the color on file we simply need the paint company name, color name and color code from the paint sample. Please contact us with this information and we can verify if we have the color match on file. If we don’t have the color sample on file a dry sample of the paint color (like a paint store chip, or color card) are needed. If you don’t have a dry sample we can match from a liquid sample, however we must create a draw down of the paint on card stock and allow it to completely dry ( 1+ hours) before scanning it into our color computer.
  • Wax Filling Sticks & Installer’s Putty - We need a minimum of a 6” X 6” dry standard with the target area circled.



How much does it cost?

Lab Matching Fee
Solid Colors & Glazes
No Lab Fee
Base Product plus $10 gallon*
Wood Stains (all bases)
$75 for first gallon**
Minimum $35 gallon after first gallon*
Production Stains^
$45 for first gallon**
Price quoted after first gallon
Paint Pens
No Lab Fee
$180 for 36 pens of same color
Wax Filling Sticks
No Lab Fee
$99 for 36 sticks of same color
Installer’s Putty
No Lab Fee
$66 for 12 jars of same color

*  Represent typical costs. Prices may vary depending on the end color due to the significant cost increases of certain colorants. We do everything possible to hold prices to published costs, but we reserve the right to increase cost per gallon in instances where colorant price exceeds the published charge.
** Wood stain cannot be matched by color computer and must be matched by hand. This initial up charge is to help offset lab costs.
^ Large batches or stains for continuous production. Please see your sales representative for qualifications.


Do you pick it up?

  • Regular Pick-up & Delivery for customers located in our designated delivery areas is available. If our trucks are delivering to your business you may send custom product matches back on our delivery trucks. Please prearrange this with your sales representative to ensure proper handling of your project. We can return your custom sample/product on your next order that is scheduled for delivery. 
  •   Express Pick-up & Delivery is available upon request in our regular Houston metro delivery zones. Please notify our offices and we’ll arrange for pick-up on the following business day and return of your product upon completion. The fee for Express Pick-up is $25 each direction.
  • Customer Drop Off is accepted during normal business hours or by prearranged appointment.
  • Shipping you may ship your samples/project to us and we'll return approval samples to you via UPS. The fee for returning the approval sample to you will be added to your initial product order. To expediate the process be sure to include all items needed to make a proper match!


How the process works!
1. Receipt of your samples and Custom Product paperwork

2. Our lab will prepare a ½ pint sample for your approval. This sample will have a unique order number and customer supplied product name. We’ll have your sample returned to you by UPS, or best way, for approval.
3. After your approval and receipt of our Custom Product Approval form, place an order anytime by using the Custom Product code assigned your project.
4. Once a Custom Product is approved we keep the formulas on file for quick future reorders (and no additional lab fees!).


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